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Earth Day Plans 🌎💚💙

Good morning beauties & happy Monday💚🌎 Today is earth day & it’s the perfect day to appreciate our beautiful earth.

Earth Day isn’t just one day only, it’s a commitment we should make everyday. Join us in celebrating wellness and sustainability!

Here are some ways you can honour our planet & be more eco friendly:

Reduce your carbon footprint by walking, bike riding or taking public transit.

Turn off your lights in the evening & light your favourite Beauties Blossoming soy candle ✨

Plant trees & plants on your property or in your home. Plants & trees improve air quality. 🌳💗

Make an effort to save water & take shorter showers whenever you can. 💦

Make an effort to support eco-friendly businesses.

Admire & be grateful we have the chance to live on planet earth. 🌎🌱💙

Beauties Blossoming is here to remind you to nourish yourself & nurture the planet.✨💗 We empower beauty & self-care with eco-conscious choices every day. #EarthDayEveryDay