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  • Place a bubble of happiness around yourself

    In life we cannot control what others do to us, & the negative things happening around us. 💜💫🤍 In life there will always be challenges. For us...
  • Mother’s Day Guide

    Show your love with thoughtful gestures and cherished moments this Mother's Day. Celebrate the ones who nurture your world! 🌸💗🌷💝   Let kindness bl...
  • Earth Day Plans 🌎💚💙

    Beauties Blossoming is here to remind you to nourish yourself & nurture the planet.✨💗 We empower beauty & self-care with eco-conscious choices every day. #EarthDayEveryDay
  • Mood Boosters

    We all have down days & that’s okay 💜💗 next time you’re feeling down we encourage you to try some of our mood boosting tips to feel a bit bett...