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Place a bubble of happiness around yourself

In life we cannot control what others do to us, & the negative things happening around us. 💜💫🤍 In life there will always be challenges. For us to succeed we have to remain resilient for our life to remain fruitful. 💗🌸🌷Place a bubble of happiness around yourself & let nothing negative in. 🫧 When everything going on in your life becomes too much, have positive outlets to lift you back up again. Your mental peace should always be your #1 priority. 💗🫧🌸


The people in your life, should match your energy. Keep people around you who care about your feelings, respect your boundaries and pour into you the way you pour into them.
💗🫧🌟 If people truly care for you, they will not be comfortable causing you pain. Always advocate for yourself & your happiness. You deserve to live in harmony. 💜💗


Life is the karma cafe, you will always be served what you deserve. ☕️


You create or allow everything that happens to you. The life you currently live is a result of your past thoughts and actions. Remember you always have the power to make changes & create your dream life. It’s never too late to become a beautiful, blooming & healing version of yourself. 💗💜🌟🫧