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Mood Boosters

We all have down days & that’s okay 💜💗 next time you’re feeling down we encourage you to try some of our mood boosting tips to feel a bit better 💗🌸☀️ Remember to be kind & patient with yourself.

Cry it out

Crying is actually a great way to release some of your negative feelings & stress. When you cry your body releases endorphins making you feel better. Allow yourself to cry when you feel like it💜

Journal your thoughts & feelings

You may feel a big sense of relief when you get things out of your head & onto paper. If you’re feeling overwhelmed making a list of everything on your mind is a great way to help ease those thoughts💭✍️

Stretch / meditate or go for a walk

Moving your body or taking some relaxing breaths will help ease your mind🧘‍♀️💗

Drink your favourite beverage

treating yourself to a yummy drink will add a little happiness to your day☕️

Light a Beauties Blossoming soy candle 

To help bring a positive, relaxing vibe to your space💗🕯

Do Something

When you’re feeling down don’t underestimate the power of doing something that makes you feel good. Something as simple as doing your skin care routine, hair & makeup will boost your mood making you feel put together & confident 💗 Apply Beauties Blossoming lip gloss to had a pop of colour, dose of hydration & shine to your lips